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AIMS-UK has formed strong relationships with groups and individuals who have direct contacts with local people and make regular visits to them. Our aims is to help improve the living and working conditions of disadvantages and underpriveleged people in developing countries including Gambia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Syria and Palestine/Lebanon. The programmes that we support are those involving education, training, health, nutrition, sanitation, safe water supplies and community projects.

100% Direct Donations

We raise funds through fundraising events and collections of money, without using donations for administration costs thus the money donated goes directly towards the charitable projects and their beneficiaries.


Started in 1994 by sending boxes on pallets of second hand clothing, books and toys, Giving 2 Gambia (G2G) now ships twice a year 40ft containers packed with donations. As the charity status grew, they looked into developing projects that would help improve the quality of life of impoverished people in Gambia. They also accept monetary donations from people that have specific projects that may be dear to them.



Some of G2G projects include building wells, tree planting programmes, sponsoring medical treatments and donating equipment to hospitals and schools. They help with both long term and short term aid which they believe will make Gambian people more self-reliant in the future.

Some of the financial donations that had been received allowed them to start building a school from scratch, a well and set up a tree planting programme, to sponsor the medical treatment of some Gambian ladies with cataracts and one man with a tumour who would not have been able to pay by himself.

In Gambia the women work extremely hard as they are responsible for caring for the family and so a long term aim of the charity is to set up a women and children centre where women can come in and socialise, get health advice, run mother and toddler groups and other activities. The centre could also give these sisters the opportunity to learn about their religion and their role as Muslim women.

Current Appeals

We are currently collecting monetary donations to purchase mosquito nets for families of some villages in Gambia. The nets cost only £3 each and could potentially save someone from being bitten and contracting malaria and eventual death. 


Algerian Action is a charity based in London and Algiers. Its primary aim is to offer help to children and families living in Algeria that are experiencing the effects of poverty. It started in 2007 with a little project that would collect unwanted toys and clothing and distribute them to needy children in Algeria. Since that time so many things have been donated.

Not all people living in Algeria are poor, the country itself is rich in oil and gas and there are many people who enjoy very good lifestyles. Yet, due to social problems like a severe shortage of housing and high unemployment, many families live in conditions unseen in the UK and other European countries. It would be impossible to change these things and is completely beyond the scope of this small charity to do so but there are many small ways to help relieve some of the difficulties that poverty brings to those children and adults.



Algerian Action assists in a variety of ways including providing clothing, food packs, household goods, toiletries, school supplies, toys and other essentials to children and families in need. Items are shipped to Algeria on a monthly basis.

A variety of medicines and other medical aids are also purchased for those in need. Almost all of the people they help are unemployed so do not have medical insurance through employment and are required to pay for medicine which is not for a serious illness. The Baby Pack project provides mothers who have nothing or very little with a bag of goodies for their new arrival. Typically each bag has a vest, babygro, hat, cardigan, bootees, mittens and a toy.

Algerian Action also runs an annual project called the 'Eid Appeal' when  several hundred children living in Algiers are given Eid gifts of toys, clothing, balloons and sweets as celebratory gift for Eid ul Fitr. In addition they organise short mini campaigns focusing on special cases where a child, family or individual needs specific help. These cases usually involve some sort of urgency or desperation, where the person/people involved have exhausted other options for assistance.  

Current Appeals 

Algerian Action is run entirely by volunteers both in the UK and Algiers. It receives no government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters. You can donate an item, offer your time or make a monetary contribution.

For a complete list of Algerian Action aid programmes, events, appeals and donations needed, please visit 



In February 2013, AIMS-UK held a bazaar and pampering day to raise funds for refugees and poor families of Myanmar. 

 More than £400 were raised, alhamdulillah.

May Allah reward every single person who contributed, donors, helpers and attendees, ameen.


palestine-dec12In December 2012, AIMS-UK organised another pampering day.
Proceeds and donations were more than £1000 and went towards a convoy for Gaza, alhamdulillah. 

May Allah reward every single person who contributed, donors, helpers and attendees, ameen.



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