Who We Are

AIMS-UK (Association of Italian Muslim Sisters UK) is a community organisation formed in 2009 by a group of Italian revert women living in the UK. It is not affiliated to any sect, denomination or institution. It is an inclusive group committed to equality and diversity thus open to all women, Muslim and non-Muslim, Italian as well as from any other cultural and ethnic background.

Our Mission

  • To improve mental health and physical well being of women
  • To spread the correct understanding of Islam within the Italian-speaking community
  • To contribute to helping and empowering poor and needy families

Aims & Objectives

  • To increase social inclusion and participation of women and their children in the community through the organisation of social gatherings, coffee mornings, day trips, children parties and other recreational activities.
  • To promote health and well being of women through sport and physical activities as well as nutritional and weight management advice.
  • To provide economic support to women by advertising and promoting their businesses and working skills.
  • To spread the correct understanding of Islam according to the Qur'an, Sunnah and the pious predecessors by translating, producing and distributing authentic material about Islam, within the Italian-speaking community.
  • To assist new reverts in learning the basics of Islam and to provide them with moral support through a mentoring programme.
  • To aid poor and needy people in developing countries, such as Gambia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Syria and Palestine through the organisation of fundraising events and collections of food, money and clothes donations.



Take part in our varied programme of exciting different activities, events and projects. 



Dedicate your time and valuable skills to serve the community while seeking Allah's pleasure.



Make a contribution to help us continue our work and to support the poor, sick and needy.

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