• Women Coffee Mornings/Afternoons 

    To meet other women and make new friends   

    • Friendly social gatherings
    • Beneficial Islamic reminders
    • Also free light refreshments
    • All women welcome
  • Help for the poor, sick and needy

    Thanks to our generous donors and their families

    • Money, food and clothes donations 
    • School kits for children and youth
    • Wells, tree planting, medical treatments
    • Direct 100% donation promise
  • Health, Sport & Fitness Programme

    To help women stay healthy and keep fit

    • Keep-Fit classes in London  
    • Fun and friendly environment
    • In a strictly private and segregated venue
    • Walking groups in Hackney and Islington (London)

AIMS 4 Islam

AIMS-UK strives to spread the correct understanding of Islam by translating and distributing Islamic material from authentic sources and reliable authors.

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AIMS 4 Women

AIMS-UK offers a variety of projects dedicated to women to increase social inclusion, promote health and well-being
and to provide economic support. 

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AIMS 4 Charity

AIMS-UK contributes to charitable projects to aid poor, sick and needy people in developing countries, such as Gambia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Syria and Palestine.

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Take part in our varied programme of exciting different activities, events and projects. 



Dedicate your time and valuable skills to serve the community while seeking Allah's pleasure.



Make a contribution to help us continue our work and to support the poor, sick and needy.

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